Social Media Marketing for Architects in the UK

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As an architect, you shouldn’t view social media as some crazy fad – instead, think of it as a tool that gathers an audience of your target market together in one place so you can chat to them about what you do. As an architect, you’ve got to be a part of this discussion, and that means getting on to social media.</p>

Panelist Marcela Abadi-Rhodes, Bob Borson, Laura Davis, and Jaime Crawley. I was asked by the Texas Society of Architects (TSA) Committee on New Media to participate on a panel discussing The Purpose of Social Media for Architects.

The new brand is now live on a new website, throughout their office interior, and across a promotional brochure and social media. The architects’ rebrand and ongoing marketing focus have.

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CIMCIG kindly invited me to present at the Marketing to Architects half-day seminar on the subject of ‘Social Media Marketing to Architects’.Majority of the audience were marketers from Product Manufacturing companies and a handful of marketers from software providers and design services. 89 marketing and business development professionals attended the event which was great news for the.

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The key to building an online community on social media is to bring people together around shared values, ideas and topics, and not just your services. For an architecture firm, identify the elements of architecture and/or design which you specialise in, and engage people who already hold an interest in that topic.

Social Media Marketing Design.. and it appears this has pass on to the architecture and design world. I’m regularly requested advice from design and architecture companies about if they should add social media to the marketing blend and, if so, how they is going about it. read more.

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Social media for architects is a huge piece of the content marketing/branding puzzle in your architecture firm and is the cheapest way to promote traffic to your website, interact with your customers and directly affect sales and leads. Here are a few quick facts to help you understand how social media can help you reach your target market.